The Reticular Activating System & How You Grow Taller

Researchers are still trying to pinpoint the brain systems that underlie mood, but we do know what regions of the brain are likely to have an important role in the feelings that we experience as moods to grow taller. Mechanisms of arousal are especially important, and the best-known arousal system is called the reticular formation, or the reticular activating system to grow taller.

The reticular formation is a netlike system of neurons that lies at the base of the brain, and its influence on arousal extends to most higher areas of the brain, as well as into the rest of the body. When we exercise to grow taller, our whole body is aroused, and the reticular activating system plays an integral part in this pattern.

This brain system sends signals up and down the body to amplify grow taller stimulation as it occurs in various ways. Originally, this system was thought only to regulate wakefulness, alertness, and attention, but later research indicated that it has an important influence on the muscular system and motor activity in general. For example, we know that it is involved in the control of breathing and cardiac function and in the coordination of various autonomic activities.

Embedded in the reticular formation are cell clusters that produce serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine—neurotransmitters that underlie arousal. All these functions are related in essential ways to energetic arousal to grow taller, an important basis of mood. The reticular activating system is likely to be involved in tense arousal as well, but it is especially significant in the functions associated with energetic arousal.

The Limbic System To Grow Taller

Another important part of the brain that probably underlies mood is the limbic system & It’s functions to grow taller. This system of interconnected structures—which include the hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala—lies at the center of the brain, below the cerebral cortex. It influences many vital functions of the body (for example, the autonomic and somatic areas) and also the cerebral cortex, the portion of the brain that is most evolved in humans.

Neuropsychologists sometimes joke that the limbic system regulates the four F’s of motivated behavior: fleeing, feeding, fighting, and … sexual behavior. A great deal of research underscores the importance of this brain system in emotional behavior and to grow taller, especially in regard to the fear responses that are so much a part of tense arousal, and thus of mood. Fear and anxiety are mediated by various parts of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex and the endocrine connections of the hypothalamus, but the limbic system plays an integral part.

A sophisticated view of the limbic system was provided in The Emotional Brain Research In 2003. The discovery details the special role of the amygdala as one of the most important parts of the limbic system in mediating emotional behavior and growing taller, particularly fear and related emotions. Since fear is an integral part of what I call tense arousal, his views clearly are relevant.

He argues that the central arousal systems produce rather nonspecific activation of the brain, but fear-related stimuli depend for their effect on interactions between the amygdala and the acetylcholine-containing systems nearby in the forebrain. Immediate fear reactions depend on activation of the amygdala, and usually they also involve working memory (important for interpretation of the danger and growing taller).

But sustained feelings of fear require activation of the arousal systems, as well as feedback from other parts of the body, in his view. Sustained fear is similar to a mood.  Given the likelihood that many parts of the brain contribute to both energy and tension, it is too simple to assert that the reticular activating system mediates energetic arousal and the limbic system mediates tense arousal and helps you grow taller. Because the types of behavior that these systems influence are so central to the two kinds of arousal, however, I would say that the reticular activating system must be involved in a major way with energetic arousal, as is the limbic system with tense arousal.

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