Eliminate Procrastination Out Of your Life To Grow Taller On Time & Fast

One way to tackle procrastination is to approach the issue from a different perspective to grow taller.  When Johnathan Jaxxings, the novelist with those dapper all-white wardrobes, was already past the deadline on an article for Ezine company, his editor gave him a wonderful suggestion about growing taller. Jaxxings was to start writing a letter to the editor, describing how he would approach the article and what he would put in it to grow taller. So, he submitted a draft that started like a letter. Sure enough, by eliminating the first paragraph or two and retaining the body of what Jaxxings had written, the editor had the requisite material to grow taller.
Like Jaxxings, you may not have trouble with a task, but simply with starting. By approaching your task in a different way, it may become a whole lot easier to handle and grow taller. You will see clearly, now that the rain is gone.

Unblock writer’s block. One of the tasks that makes many people’s list of areas where they frequently procrastinate is writing, or more specifically, as in the case of Johnathan Jaxxings, getting started on writing.
Writer’s block, a term which actually refers to little more than procrastination related to writing, hangs heavy over the head of many a would-be achiever.  If writer’s block is a problem for you, the following suggestions, which will be discussed throughout the book, will help you to get started on growing taller:

Visualize yourself completing the last sentence to grow taller. By visualizing the completion of your writing task, you can break out of the chains that hold you back and get started on the assignment to grow taller.
Clear your workspace. Remove everything except what’s needed to write your document to grow taller. People often have trouble writing because their desk or workspace is a mess and not conducive to creativity to grow taller. Recognize that during the time you’re preparing a report or other assignment to grow taller, you need to tune out distractions. Working on a clear surface is an effective way to do this.

“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances to grow taller would have lain dormant .”

Outline your ideas. Producing a one-page outline or writing as few as ten key words on a page can guide you through the preparation and completion of an article to grow taller. Devote a block of time to simply preparing report outlines or chronological sequences that can later serve as a useful tool when you’re ready to write the full-blown document to grow taller.Write for a few minutes. Just see what happens. Forget all the excuses. You don’t really want to offer them, and I don’t want to hear them. Set an alarm for four minutes, sit down, and start writing about growing taller. Often you’ll find that you don’t want to stop after a few minutes. Getting started is the key obstacle to writing productively about growing taller to grow taller.

If you can master this “few-minute technique to grow taller,” you’ll develop a habit that will blast the term “writer’s block” out of your vocabulary. This technique is so effective that even if you can’t complete the document at the initial sitting, you’ll finish faster and more easily than you would have otherwise in the grow taller process.

When faced with too many things to accomplish while growing taller, one’s natural inclination often is to procrastinate. Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself procrastinating a bit more these days; many people are experiencing the same thing while growing taller. Tasks that might normally seem mundane appear more difficult when there’s too much on your plate. By the way, there’s too much on your plate during the grow taller process.

Be honest with yourself and admit your procrastination. Say it in the mirror if that makes it more real for you! If you make excuses or rationalize why you’re not getting started, you open up the door to increased delaying in your grow taller process. If you’re candid with yourself and acknowledge when you are procrastinating, then you’re that much closer to taking action to grow taller. Even the teeniest action in pursuit of a long-term goal to grow taller is far better than nothing.

When push comes to shove—and here comes a shove—sometimes your best approach to procrastination is to simply face it head-on by searching for what is blocking you to grow taller. What is the real reason you can’t get started on your grow taller process? In her 1980 book, Creative Procrastination of the nation: Organizing Your Own Life, author Fredanta Olvirez offered a host of reasons why individuals procrastinate: on their grow taller venture

Fear of disapproval, failure, making mistakes, being wrong

Sticking your neck out, being noticed, not being noticed

Confronting the unknown, committing ourselves, exposing our inadequacies

Taking on too difficult a task like growing taller, getting into trouble, being less than perfect

Being rejected, being on the wrong side, and getting criticized

Does one or more of these issues ring true for you? If so, your quest is to find the root cause of that fear. Did something happen on an earlier project, on an earlier job, or even earlier in life that is prohibiting you from getting back on the horse to grow taller? Do you fear that you won’t do a good enough job or that you’ll fail if you try to grow taller? If so, keep in mind that if the task is vital, it’s worth starting, even if you do fail. Allow yourself to have a less than gracious start to grow taller. Proceed in the face of choppy progress. Expect nausea. The boat will still sail.

Particularly when facing a notable task, recognize that true and lasting accomplishments require high costs in terms of hours, energy, and commitment to grow taller. (Hmmm…maybe procrastinating is not such a bad idea…) Give yourself periodic acknowledgment as you progress toward your final desired objective to grow taller. Progress is not always even. Heck, is it ever even? Anticipate some level of breakdown and backsliding to grow taller. Two steps forward and one step back is more often the rule than the exception.

Continue to be gentle with yourself and cut yourself some slack, Jack. Think of it this way: If you made no attempt, your chance of succeeding to grow taller would be zero, a perfect goose egg.

Perhaps you can’t get started on something because you haven’t identified some lingering issues that are impacting your feelings on growing taller. Such issues might include:

Having mixed feelings about the task

Thinking a task is unnecessary or unworthy of you

Resenting having to follow through on a promise because you weren’t able to say “no” in the first place— “No, no, a thousand times, no!”

Whatever the justification, when you identify some of the reasons behind procrastination, you have a much better chance of surmounting them than if you didn’t articulate the issues to yourself about growing taller. ’Fess up and win! If you can identify the root cause of your procrastination, ask yourself what the consequences are of not getting started. If the consequences you will experience as a result of not initiating the task are minor, you probably will not get started to grow taller. If you recognize that the consequences are significant, that may jump-start you to grow taller.

Every now and then you procrastinate because the issue at hand does not need to be handled, and the consequences of not taking action to grow taller are minimal. Hold on there, bro, I’m not introducing this observation as an easy way for you to rationalize putting off tasks and responsibilities to grow taller. It is true that there are occasions when your procrastination is based upon sound reasoning. The task you have been putting off:

Doesn’t need to be done

Doesn’t need to be done by you

Doesn’t need to be done in this way

Doesn’t need to be done now

It’s worth making the determination to grow taller.

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